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Germany: 300 people detained

Ashley Landis in Berlin, the largest demonstration since the beginning of the pandemic against the policy of the authorities to fight the coronavirus. It was attended by almost 40 thousand people who came from all over Germany. There were also clashes with the police. According to Spiegel online, the guards detained about 300 demonstrators who threw stones and bottles at them. At the last moment, the Berlin administrative court lifted the ban of the capital’s interior Ministry on holding the event. Participants were even allowed not to wear masks, but the distance requirement remained in force.

Therefore, the action stretched for three kilometers-from the Brandenburg gate to the Tiergarten, Deutsche Welle notes. Some of the protesters broke away from the crowd and headed for the Reichstag building. They took down the barriers and went straight up to the steps of Parliament. However, the police caught themselves and stopped the “assault”, using pepper spray. Students and pensioners, singles and families with children-eyewitnesses note the motley composition of participants. There was no unity of slogans between them. Some opposed vaccination, while others called for a review of restrictive measures.