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Americans were predicted to be deprived of the right to arms in the event of a Biden victory

Americans were predicted to be deprived of the right to weapons in the event of a victory for the us presidential candidate from the Democratic party Joe Biden. This was stated by the national rifle Association of America (NRA) on its Twitter page.

“If Joe Biden wins, he will destroy our second amendment (to the US Constitution), and America will become unrecognizable,” the nonprofit Association said in a statement.

The NRA also criticized Biden’s proposed program to buy back ar-15 semiautomatic rifles and similar small arms from Americans.

The second amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the right to purchase and carry firearms. According to Biden, the second amendment does not say that you can not limit the types of weapons that people can own. If elected President, he promised to achieve a complete ban on the possession of military firearms.

On August 27, incumbent President Donald trump officially agreed to run for a second presidential term from the Republican party of the United States. His main opponent will be Biden.