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Biden accused trump of encouraging violence

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused us leader Donald trump of inciting hatred and encouraging violence in society. The Democrat’s statement is published on his official website.

“What does President trump think will happen if he continues to fan the flames of hatred and division in our society and use the politics of fear to incite his supporters? He thoughtlessly encourages violence, ” the politician said. This is how Biden commented on the ongoing actions against racism in the country.

According to the Democrat, trump is not capable of being the head of state, because during his rule, public tensions have increased and the split between different groups has increased.

Earlier, Joe Biden and Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris accused trump of inciting violence at the protests. In their opinion, the head of state sees this as a political advantage and wants more violence, not less.

Since the end of may, mass protests have been taking place across the country, accompanied by riots and clashes with police. Protesters call the cause of death of African-Americans racism and police brutality. In some States, the protests turned into riots with pogroms, looting, shooting and arson.