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The UN reacted to French media reports about Navalny

The head Of the office for investment and technology development of the United Nations industrial development Organization in France, Jean-Claude Plana, reacted to French media reports about the hospitalization of Alexey Navalny. He made the corresponding post on Facebook.

According to the expert, local journalists are again being scared by angry Russians. “Are these the same media outlets that explained to us that our health care system is one of the best in the world, that masks are useless (or necessary depending on…) and that hydroxychloroquine is deadly? What experts!!”, – he wrote.

The plan also believes that Omsk doctors “will look at it with laughter.” He added that what happened is the case when medicine becomes politics.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s office of Russia revealed the first results of checking the situation with Navalny. According to the representative of the Department Andrey Ivanov, there is no evidence of criminal actions against the opposition leader. He also clarified that the Prosecutor General’s office sent a request to Germany for help with the investigation and asked to provide medical data and evidence of preliminary diagnoses voiced by Navalny’s German doctors.

Navalny became ill on the morning of August 20 during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, the plane landed urgently in Omsk, from where the opposition leader was taken by ambulance to the toxicoreanimation Department. Navalny’s press Secretary claimed that on the day of departure, He did not eat anything and only drank tea in a coffee shop at the Tomsk airport. On the afternoon of August 22, he was taken from Omsk to Berlin, to the Charite clinic.