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The President of Montenegro refused to recognize the victory of the opposition coalition

President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic refused to recognize the victory of the opposition coalition in the parliamentary elections. This is reported by TASS with reference to the President’s address, which was broadcast on Monday night by national television.

He did not recognize the defeat of the ruling Democratic party of socialists ” Resolutely for Montenegro! DPS-Milo Djukanovic ” and said that it is necessary to wait for the official results of the elections.

“The election results show that we are gaining 40 seats in the Parliament. We remain the strongest party in the country. It is too early to talk about the final results. the question is who will get the decisive 41st mandate. We have built a democratic European society and will recognize the winner after summing up the final results, ” Djukanovic said.

Earlier, the opposition in Montenegro announced the “fall of the 30-year-old regime” after the announcement of preliminary data of the parliamentary elections. Opposition supporters took to the streets in groups in several cities. They sang songs and held hands in the historical Montenegrin flags.

According to the results of processing 52 percent of ballots, the ruling center-left Democratic party of socialists (DPS) of Montenegro won 34.4 percent. The opposition coalition of Krivokapich — 33.4 percent, another opposition coalition “Mir-our nation” got 12.5 percent of voters. It is specified that in case of unification, the opposition will be able to gain about 46 percent.