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Germany: 300 people detained

Ashley Landis in Berlin, the largest demonstration since the beginning of the pandemic against the policy of the authorities to fight the coronavirus. It was attended by almost 40 thousand people who came from all over Germany. There were also clashes with the police. According to Spiegel online, the guards detained about 300 demonstrators who […]

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In the US, another execution took place after a 17-year break

In the United States, another execution took place after a 17-year break. A man who kidnapped, raped and killed a ten-year-old girl more than two decades ago has been executed in Indiana. This is reported by Fox 13. We are talking about a criminal named Keith Dwayne Nelson, who became the fifth Federal prisoner executed […]

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The UN reacted to French media reports about Navalny

The head Of the office for investment and technology development of the United Nations industrial development Organization in France, Jean-Claude Plana, reacted to French media reports about the hospitalization of Alexey Navalny. He made the corresponding post on Facebook. According to the expert, local journalists are again being scared by angry Russians. “Are these the […]

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Americans were predicted to be deprived of the right to arms in the event of a Biden victory

Americans were predicted to be deprived of the right to weapons in the event of a victory for the us presidential candidate from the Democratic party Joe Biden. This was stated by the national rifle Association of America (NRA) on its Twitter page. “If Joe Biden wins, he will destroy our second amendment (to the […]

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The President of Montenegro refused to recognize the victory of the opposition coalition

President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic refused to recognize the victory of the opposition coalition in the parliamentary elections. This is reported by TASS with reference to the President’s address, which was broadcast on Monday night by national television. He did not recognize the defeat of the ruling Democratic party of socialists ” Resolutely for Montenegro! […]

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Biden accused trump of encouraging violence

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused us leader Donald trump of inciting hatred and encouraging violence in society. The Democrat’s statement is published on his official website. “What does President trump think will happen if he continues to fan the flames of hatred and division in our society and use the politics of fear […]

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Greece held military exercises due to “Turkish provocation”

It is noted that the army was put on full combat readiness because of the “Turkish provocation”. The published footage shows the maneuvers of the 50th and 31st motorized brigades “based on offensive methods”. It is indicated that the Greek army is working out the possibility of war with Turkey. The exercises in Evros took […]

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Retired Japanese Prime Minister thanked Putin for his work

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who decided to resign, called Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is reported by RIA Novosti. The Japanese politician confirmed Tokyo’s desire to continue the dialogue with Moscow, including in order to resolve the issue with the Kuril Islands. In addition, Abe thanked Putin for working together. Earlier it was reported […]

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The post of Prime Minister of Lebanon was offered to the Ambassador to Germany

The post of Prime Minister of Lebanon was offered to the country’s Ambassador to Germany, Mustafa ADIB. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the administration of the President of the Republic Michel Aoun. ADIB was charged with forming a new government. He has already made a comment and said that the country needs […]

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Turkey accused France of imperialism

France, intervening in the conflict between Turkey and Greece, shows imperialism that does not correspond to the current international situation. A statement by Turkish foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy after French President Emmanuel macron spoke out about what was happening was published by TASS. The diplomat addressed the Europeans, who, in his opinion, do not […]